How to Build Authority Online

It is our belief that the foundation of a meaningful and impactful social strategy starts with an understanding of the audiences you’re trying to reach with the message(s) you want them to endorse, amplify, or simply absorb. When our team builds social media strategies for our clients, we don’t want to work for you, rather, with you and your team. And, it all starts with audience understanding. We use our Insights tools to map Axciom Data and PersonicX Consumer Segmentation to the data to extrapolate a real tangible and targetable audience segment. Using this methodology, we can build content together that people really want to see, leading to increased awareness, engagements, conversations, clicks, conversions, and sales.


The next step requires a real understanding of how your brand is currently perceived online, why you post the content you currently post, and what your goals and visions are for your brand in the short term and long term. Once we’ve defined this together, we can build content strategies that will best resonate with the target audiences we’ve identified while moving to build editorial content with your brand’s own mood, look and feel, copy strategy, and tone by creating a narrative around your social presence.


Once we establish this narrative, your own creative design and copy team can work from the Social Media Narrative and Community Management playbooks we create for you.


But we also know that Digital Strategy and Social Strategy are two different birds. This only means that while digital is focused on that cohesive brand marketing perspective focused on how consumers make sense of your messaging, content, campaigns, emails, and voice, social is everywhere. It’s all around us. It encompasses the majority of web communications. In other words, digital strategy is focused on consumption, then purchase or engagement in a certain consumer behavior, whereas social is grounded in the belief that we want people to interact with things or participate and then behave or purchase. And, this is all key to positioning you as a leader in your space.


If your teams are struggling through day-to-day content creation and execution, establishing a true voice or simply need assistance with day-to-day community management structuring, let us help! Our packages are designed to increase workflow, free up resources, and ensure your social media team has the necessary tools and direction to drive ROI and increase your authority online.

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