Custom and Lookalike Audiences – How to Find Your Peeps

Have you ever wondered, “Why on Earth am I spending my day posting this content to Facebook?” or “What’s the point? I only get a couple of Likes or Shares…” You may be aware of a Facebook advertising feature called Custom Audiences. A valuable tool that allows advertisers to upload your customer lists (email addresses, phone numbers, or Facebook User IDs) to target those exact people with Facebook ads directly in their Newsfeeds. This very powerful tool has allowed us to target users who have previously been proven to be interested in our clients’ products for years. And, if the lists were curated well and segmented, it also allowed for incredibly targeted advertising opportunities.  


But, now we have an even more powerful tool – Lookalike Audiences


Lookalike audiences help you reach people who are similar to your current customers for fan acquisition, site registration, off-Facebook purchases, coupon claims, and even brand awareness. This tool basically allows Facebook to analyze your Custom Audience list and create a new segment that is optimized based on similar audience traits and pre-defined targeting.


So, how is this even useful? Well, for starters, you could target your entire email list with a campaign and take it one step further by creating an entirely separate audience that looks and behaves exactly like your qualified consumer. What’s more, we can even this information to target new purchasers with geo-targeted ads during point of sale. This tool is invaluable when it comes to optimizing campaign targeting and something that can be implemented immediately provided we have an email list of subscribers.


Let us split test your audiences to find out what works best! Or, try your own and let us know how your results turned out. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to let us help you optimize over time.

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